WHAT'S NEXT??  Applying for your permit!
COVID-19 Update 7/26/2020 - Florida historically made it simple if you go to an approved regional Department of Ag office or select Tax Collector's offices, however most have been closed for the time being.  I do hear that you can sometimes get an appointment at a Tax Collector's office, but it varies county by county and day to day - so the best way is to look it up.  In the past, I highly recommended the "In-Person" method, but now favor "Mail-In".   All your options can be found at this link:


Florida Laws-
WOW, the instructor gave is a lot of laws in the class! Where do I go to read up more on this??  Right here: FLORIDA GUN LAWS.

What about Self-Defense Insurance?
My advise on insurances in general is to only insure what you can't afford to pay if the bad thing happens.  If your car is only worth $2,000, the collision portion of the insurance will cost than it's worth.  If the refrigerator is worth $1,000, the $200 extended service plan is probably not worth gambling on a repair or replacement bill.  If your house is worth $200,000, you better bet you'll have homeowners insurance even if you don't have a mortgage and it is not required.  Because you can't afford to lose your house in the highly unlikely event it burns.  Self-Defense representations start around $5,000 for the simple "cut and dry" cases where your are absolutely justified to well over $100,000 if there are extenuating circumstances.  For a cost of around $130 a year, can you afford that loss and the possibility of 5 years to life in prison?  I doubt it!  It is WELL WORTH IT.  Please contact us to join the highly recommended plan!  941-500-9119 or sign up directly here: U.S. LawShield


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