What is Self Defense Legal Protection and do I NEED it?

Glad you asked! My advise on "insurances" has always been to only insure what you can't afford to pay if the bad thing happens.  If your car is only worth $4,000, adding collision insurance will cost than it's worth.  If the refrigerator is worth $1,000, the $250 extended service plan is probably not worth gambling on a repair or replacement bill.  If your house is worth $250,000, you better bet you'll have homeowners insurance.. even if you don't have a mortgage and it is not required!!! Because you can't afford to lose your house in the highly unlikely event it burns down.


Self-Defense representation start around $5,000 for the simple "cut and dry" cases where your are absolutely justified to well over $100,000 if there are extenuating circumstances.  Making things even worse is where do you find a great self-defense attorney at 10pm on a Friday night?


Today, many people who have experienced perfectly legitimate self-defense actions (accidentally exposing a firearm, etc) are being arrested solely for political reasons.  For a cost of around $130 a year (2 months FREE if you use our link), can you afford that loss and the possibility of 5 years to LIFE in prison on serious charges?  I doubt it!  It is WELL WORTH IT.


This plan has the following benefits:


1) 24 hour emergency access to an Attorney should you need one for self-defense.

2) Business hours access to have all your questions answered such as ammunition allowed, laws on self-defense etc...

3) Many training and publication resources.