Here is our feed of news stories that relate to self-defense topics.  Some have positive outcomes where either no-one is harmed or possible just the perpetrator.  On occasion, sadly, individuals are harmed or lose their life primary due to the lack of ability to defend themselves.

August 7, 2019  - Valrico FL - James W. Hanson Jr first robbed a bank, before carjacking and killing Mathew Korattiyil.  This continues to illustrate the need law abiding citizens have to defend themselves.

June 4, 2019 - Sun City Center FL - Carjacking suspect with at least 10 prior felonies with a semi-automatic handgun was shot and killed by a well-prepared concealed carry store manager.  This one hits home to me as I was parked in the exact parking spot this occurred in one day prior to this incident with my wife.

For those that want to take our rights to carry a defensive weapon away, please tell me how you would defend yourself against a criminal with an illegal handgun?

Would you have used deadly force here?  What if you don't have a dash cam and there were no texts.  How do you think the Sheriff would have viewed a dead man with a cell phone alongside a little traveled road?