Is this a "range based" class?

No.  This is classroom based learning.  We cover firearm safety, basic of shooting in a classroom setting, choosing a carry firearm, how to become proficient, storage, cleaning, Florida laws including "Stand your Ground", where you  can't carry and situations.  It is very informative.  At the end, you do fire a pistol provided by us which satisfies the state requirements to apply for your permit.

Are "Range Based" classes better?

We say NO!  We have offered them in the past. Why don't we now?  Initial learning is much better in a classroom environment with a presentation.  When you line up 10 people at a range and the instructor says "FIRE", is he really helping YOU?  Can you imagine being at a golf range and having an instructor at one end telling everyone to "SWING"... then saying "OK, the third guy down I don't think was holding his club right".  For you to truly learn good handgun proficiency, you need one or two hours with a dedicated instructor watching exactly how you are holding the gun, squeezing the trigger, focusing on sights and targets, etc.  Since everyone is different (Left handed/Right handed, semi auto/revolver, laser sights, etc), you can't properly have many people shooting at once!

What do I need to bring to class?

Just your Florida State Issued Identification! That's it!  We provide the course content, pen and paper for notes, and the firearm and ammunition to demonstrate safely shooting a pistol.


What are the next steps?

Once you attend the course and demonstrate safely firing a pistol, you will be given a certified certificate and instructions to apply for your Concealed License.  Offices are located here:

Where do I find the Florida carry laws?

Click HERE for all the Florida Laws regarding Firearms and Carrying Concealed

Do you recommend the Concealed Carry Insurance Programs?

Absolutely! Just like I recommend you buy home owners insurance and realize your house is very unlikely to burn down, you know that you can't afford the loss if it did.  If you are involved in a justified shooting, you will still need an attorney!  Most importantly, you need to have them available immediately and one that knows the laws regarding self defense and stand your ground laws in Florida.   In addition to "emergency situations", these plans also offer many resources to firearm ownership such as legal advice on buying, selling, storing, when to use and many many additional benefits.  Because it is so inexpensive, I would never own a firearm without it!  If you would like more information or would like to enroll, please call us to discuss! 941-500-9119.