Welcome to the Florida Carry Class Online Learning Video Library.

This is how it works:

1.  Book a class

2.  You will be given a password for the video files below.  Watch the videos!

3. Show up at your scheduled start time/location to receive a quick safety review and fire the gun in the Mobile Training Unit shown below.

4. You're DONE!  You will then receive your certificate!



1. Introduction to the Online Florida Carry Class

2. Basics of Firearm Safety

3. Basics of Common Carry Pistols (Semi-Automatic and Revolver)

4. Considerations for Choosing a Concealed Carry Pistol

5. Shooting Basics- How to grip, aim and fire!

6. Firearm and Carry Proficiency!

7. Storage and Locks... Minors!


9a. Where you can't carry in Florida!

9b. Employee Gun Rights in Florida

9c. Florida Liquor Laws while Concealed Carry