Our in-person classes are offered at a variety of times and locations.  These are an affordable method to gaining the classroom knowledge and firing a pistol in a very relaxed atmosphere.  From here, you can apply for your Florida CCW license.  This course is targeted for those who either have proficiency with pistols or are interested in seeking training to suit their needs.


What's better than taking the required course for obtaining your Concealed Firearm License in the comfort of your home of office?  Once completed, you will meet with an NRA Instructor for a quick and safe firing of a pistol to receive your certificate.  From there, you can apply for the Florida Concealed Firearms License and begin your proficiency journey.


Using a method that meets your needs, a NRA Certified Instructor will travel to your home or office for a personalized class taylored to your needs giving you firearm safety training and discussing the carry laws as they pertain to Florida.  After the session is complete, you will be issued a certification of completion and can apply for your Florida License and begin your proficiency journey.

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